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Time taken to complete home interiors

We understand your excitement of shifting to your new apartment at the same time we understand you don't want to pay anymore rent to your current landlord but one must understand that getting the interiors done is [...]

Are you carrying right budget?

Everybody has his own budget while doing the interiors. But are you carrying right budget for your home interiors? Clients must understand that complete home interiors come with the price. If you own a standard [...]

Kitchen – Acrylic Finish OR Laminate Finish?

As per your budget you can choose whether to go for Acrylic Finish OR Laminate Finish for your kitchen. Cost wise Acrylic Finish is a bit on the higher side as compared to Laminate Finish and is [...]

Things to clarify before giving interior contract

To make sure execution of interior work goes smoothly its very very important for the client and the interior designer to be on the same page. Setting the expectation right and clarifying everything before starting the [...]

Difference between Premium and Budget Kitchen

When it comes to setting up his/her Kitchen every one has his own budget. Some may have a limited budget some may not. The only difference between the ‘Budget’ and ‘Premium’ Modular Kitchen is the [...]

Its all about negotiation!

Its all about negotiation! For doing the home interiors, every client has his own budget. At the same time every vendor targets certain amounts of margin for every project he undertakes. Which is fair enough for [...]

Correct steps and procedure to paint the walls

Its very important for the painter to possess workmanship while doing the job of painting. He must be experienced and must know the technical details of Putty, primer and paint. Following is the correct order: [...]

Why Interior projects get delayed?

Reasons for delay in interior projects are as below: Miscommunication with Interior designer- It happens when there is miss-communication between you and the interior designer. While deciding upon the contract, client and interior designer reach [...]

Budget friendly and easy Ideas to decorate your home all by yourself!

Easy Ideas to decorate your home all by yourself. Every body has his own budget and has his own perspective towards decorating his/her home. I will tell you the areas which when worked upon increases [...]

Plywood tips-things to look for

To carry out the interior work one must know the right kind of plywood to be used at the right place. This assures application of right plywood at the right place. For home interiors: For [...]

Different IS(Indian Standard)codes for plywood

BIS(Bureau of Indian Standards) is the body responsible to provide ISI marks on Plywood. Quality standards of plywood are listed by BIS in various documents called as IS(Indian Standards) document. When the manufacturer meets the [...]

Best plywood for making Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen is one place around the home, where furniture is likely to be exposed to water, and will keep on getting wet. So the plywood that we select for making the kitchen cabinets has to [...]

Best plywood for making wardrobes.

Usually in India the height of ceiling is 9ft. When the wardrobe is built its height is of 7ft. Rest of the height i.e.of 2ft is occupied by Loft. If the height of wardrobe is [...]

Difference between BWR and Marine Ply

Hello, By now I am sure you must have read our blogs about BWP/BWR grade and Marine grade plywood. If not you can read it here: BWP/BWR Plywood Marine Plywood Just to summarize  the basic difference between BWP/BWR [...]

What is Marine Ply?

Marine plywood as the name suggests is the plywood which is used in marine applications i.e where its going to be submerged in water for most of the times and is going to get exposed [...]

Budget range we operate in

Every body has his own budget while doing the interiors for his house. If wish to do the complete interiors one must have a budget as below and that's the budget rage we work in. [...]

Why are we so reasonable?

When ever the quote comes up for an interior work it mainly composes of  business model and two different parameters mentioned below. Material Cost Carpenter/Labor Cost   "In House" Model and not on "Outsourcing" model: [...]

What is BWP and BWR grade plywood?

What is BWP and BWR grade plywood? In layman's term these are water proof plywood. Even tough these are similar but have very small difference. BWP stands for Boiling water proof. BWR stands for Boiling [...]

What is Commercial plywood?

What is Commercial plywood? Commercial plywood is a very common and a standard plywood used in making furniture. This plywood is Moisture resistant and has capacity to withstand moisture and humidity. Hence its termed as [...]

Why are branded material costly?

There are a few people who are brand conscious. They are the ones who trust brands blindly. Its not that, the branded products are not good in quality. Its also true that non branded products [...]

Material used by the team of “Woody Uncle Sam”!

Material used by the team of "Woody Uncle Sam"!   Moisture Resistant Plywood: Plywood made up on Combination of Eucalyptus wood and Populus wood Or Gurjan Wood. Used in furniture which is not in contact with [...]

All you need to know before buying a Chimney

Indian cooking  involves lot of frying, grilling using lot of oil and masalas.  The sound of spluttering tadka though gives a lovely aroma and taste but it also leaves its impression on your kitchen tiles [...]

Best type of plywood for making furniture:

For furniture that is likely to get wet: For plywood furniture that will be kept indoors, the important point to consider is whether the wood is likely to get exposed to water. For example a [...]

Types of Plywood

Types of Plywood There are a variety of ways in which plywood is classified and these classifications are usually based on the different aspects of plywood such as the wood used, the number of plies [...]