Everybody has his own budget while doing the interiors. But are you carrying right budget for your home interiors? Clients must understand that complete home interiors come with the price. If you own a standard sized(Carpet area~ 750sq.ft) 2BHK and wish to do complete home interiors then one must carry a minimum budget of Rs.4,50,000 – Rs.5,50,000. To know what all items are included in this quote please check – Budget range we operate in

Know the right price:-

One must take some time out and do a little bit of research on two major components which goes into interior cost – the material cost and the labour cost. One must take the measurements of the items you wish to get done for your apartment. Let the shopkeeper know the measurements of the items and get the approximate material cost of it. Once you know the approximate material cost you can determine how much labor cost and professional fees are being charged. Once you do this math and come up with the figure then probably you will know if you are paying the right price for it.

Taking quotations from multiple vendors may help to some extent but not completely as every vendors has different operating margins. We have minimum operational cost. To know how please check – Why are we so reasonable?

What happens when you carry less budget and expect a lot:-

At times clients carry very less budget and expect complete home interiors for their homes. Which is just not possible. You can face following problems here:-

  • You may get cheated.
  • You may end up with unethical vendor.
  • You may end up with final product with poor finishing and workmanship.
  • You may be demanded adhoc or abrupt payments.
  • You may be left with unfinished work and incomplete project site.

“Woody Uncle Sam”! is the best interior design firm in Pune. To know what budget range we operate in please check our blog below

Budget range we operate in

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